Welder – Comefri USA

Comefri is looking for someone to perform fabrication of HVAC fan & Blower wheels, cutting and welding steel parts.

Position: WELDER

Job Description

Must be willing to work 30 to 90 days with the temporary agency first

Temporary Pay is $10.50/hr

Starting Pay is $14.50/hr

Comefri USA, Inc.

Reports to: Production Manager

Job summary: To perform fabrication of HVAC fan & Blower wheels, cutting and welding steel parts.

Basic functions: Performing welding and fabrication work; recognize when machinery may be malfunctioning and report malfunctions to the production manager. Mounting of hubs onto backplates, manual & spot welding wheels; correct operation of the welding robot; inspection and repair of the wheels as necessary. Setup of all machinery involved with the above described operations.

Education/training: High school diploma.

Experience: Should receive approximately 2 weeks of training per specific operation, including quality requirements, before they become qualified in performing the operation alone. They may have to receive follow-up training if quality, efficiency and/or safety performances are below the established criteria.

Responsibilities: Perform all tasks related to fabrication and welding of the wheels. The individual must exhibit the ability to perform the sequence of work according to the standards and methods of operations that are available. He must be capable of making decisions and working with other employees or alone with minimal direct supervision.

Tasks include:

1. Assure all materials are available to complete that day’s work and communicate to material handler’s shortage of components.

2. Assure all equipment and tools are available and are in safe working condition.

3. Perform all quality checks, standard work and verifications, as specified by the Standard Operating Procedures and/or on-the-job training.

4. Perform all necessary steps to maintain a clean and organized work area throughout the work day.

5. Monitor and record all information requested for that operation

6. Actively participate in continuously improving the operation

7. May be required to participate in annual (or periodic) company inventory.

8. Perform any other company duties that are legal, safe and deemed necessary by management.

Skills required: 1. Must be capable to weld (MIG-TIG).

2. Basic robotic machinery operation skills. (Preferred)

3. Capable of being certified in the use of overhead cranes and forklift.

4. Capable of working with others

Work environment: Relatively clean working conditions, which may involve exposure to minimal levels of dust, paints, oils, greases and welding/cutting emissions. There may be intermittent noises due to the use of pneumatic hand tools. The person must be capable of lifting for short periods of time 50 lbs. or less and pull/push weights up to 110lbs.

Applicants can come to the plant and submit an application.

330 Bill Bryan Blvd, Hopkinsville, KY, or the job is posted on indeed; resume can be submitted there.

330 Bill Bryan Blvd

Hopkinsville, KY 42240

270 881 1444

270 887 5955 Fax

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